Chintogtokh Batbold
Full Stack Software Engineer


Aug 2018 -

Senior Developer, Full-Stack Developer

Lucidity Software

Melbourne, Australia

Duties include:

  • Development and deployment of web-based and hybrid mobile apps
  • Identification, prioritisation, and execution of tasks in the software development lifecycle
  • Development operations tasks including development and deployment of pipeline automations and internal tools
  • Assistance with management of development workload, backlog management, sprint planning
  • Assistance with Quality Assurance, functional review, code review, versioning and deployment
  • Documenting software through the maintenance of design notes, testing documentation, and specifications.

PHP7, Zend, Laravel, AngularJS, React, jQuery, MariaDB, Elasticsearch, AWS

Dec 2017 -
Aug 2018

Software Engineer

Property Shell

Melbourne, Australia

Duties included:

  • Full-stack web development implementing property management system
  • Implementation of various integrations of external APIs to the system
  • DevOps lead, moving and developing software stack for AWS from traditional web hosting configuration

PHP7, Yii2, jQuery, MySQL, AWS ELB/EC2/S3

Aug 2017 -
Dec 2017

Web Application Developer

Simplify Solutions

Melbourne, Australia

Duties included:

  • Full-stack web development implementing herd management system for Australian Alpaca Association

Perl5, Dancer2, Python3, CasperJS, JavaScript, MySQL

Jul 2016 -
Jun 2017

Software Engineering Internship

Rolls-Royce Deutschland

Berlin, Germany

Duties included:

  • Liaising with users to gather requirements
  • Development of Elasticsearch-based search application
  • Front end web application development in AngularJS, Bootstrap
  • Back end web application development in CherryPy (Python), PHP7
  • Unix server administration (RHEL), setting up of SVN, Samba, Apache, MySQL

AngularJS1, CherryPy, Python2, Bootstrap, Elasticsearch, MySQL

Dec 2015 –
Mar 2016

Full-stack web developer


Melbourne, Australia

Duties included:

  • Extending and maintaining existing code-base of web application written in PHP and JavaScript (full-stack)

PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Foundation, MySQL

May 2014 –
Jun 2014

Programming Internship

GrapeCity Mongolia LLC

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Development of testing automation module for GrapeBank banking software (industry standard enterprise banking software in Mongolia). Programming done in C#.


Oct 2013 –
Jun 2014

Junior Network Engineer

Information Technology Department, National University of Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Development and implementation of prepaid card and authentication system for university campus wireless network, work at support desk for university staff and students. Programming done in PHP and Bash in a CentOS Linux environment. Networking used Cisco and RouterBoard devices.

PHP, JavaScript, Bash


Jul 2015 -
Jul 2018

Master of Information Technology

Monash University

Melbourne, Australia


  • Open data based living area recommendation system for new students
  • Visualisation and analysis project on Melbourne pedestrian traffic
  • MQTT-based IoT mobile application for soil moisture sensing


  • Voluntary one-year Software Engineering Internship at Rolls-Royce Deutschland
  • Recipient of Monash Information Technology International Merit Scholarship
Sep 2009 -
Dec 2014

Bachelor of Science, Information Technology

National University of Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


  • Hand gesture recognition computer vision project utilizing SVM-based machine learning
  • Research and application for crowd-sourced translation of knowledge base (collaborative project with University of Trento)
  • Development and implementation of university campus-wide wireless authentication system

Other Employment

Feb 2015 -
Dec 2017

Professional Translator / Interpreter

Orchuulga 24 - Your Translation Agency / Freelance

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia / Worldwide

Professional English-Mongolian and Mongolian-English translation of documents in the fields of technology contracts and publications, IT service contracts, environmental conservation, and environmental impact assessments

Mongolian English

Language Skills

native proficiency
native proficiency/төрөлх хэл
working proficiency/中間レベル
elementary proficiency/Grundkenntnisse

Core Skills

Team skills 
Demonstrated by working in a software development team at a highly international company to obtain requirements and feedback, allocate tasks, and jointly develop a company-wide search engine application.
Independent work skills 
Demonstrated by various single-person research and development projects (including university projects and freelance gigs) as well as long-duration translation work undertaken alone (for example a two-month long translation of a government environmental action plan from Mongolian into English).
Communication skills 
I have a native-level proficiency in both English and Mongolian, have working proficiency in Japanese, and a basic level of German. My experience living in a variety of countries has allowed me to familiarize myself with various cultures, and this combined with my experience working as an interpreter for people of various backgrounds means I'm well-suited to any pursuit requiring excellent communication with a multicultural and diverse audience.

Qualifications & Awards

Jan 2014
Certified Information Technology Professional
Information Technology Professional Examination Council Fundamental Engineering Exam (Pan-Asian IT qualification)
June 2013
Haruul Zangi Mongolian National Cybersecurity Competition
3rd Place Nationally
Apr 2013
CCNA Networking Fundamentals Course
NUM-Cisco Academy

Technical Experience

Recent Experience in: Python, PHP, HTML/CSS/SASS, JavaScript/ECMAScript
Experience in: C/C++, C#, Ruby, Bash, Perl, Swift, Java
Back-end Frameworks
Django, Django REST, CherryPy, Ruby on Rails, Dancer2, JavaEE, ExpressJS, Yii2, Laravel, Zend
Front-end Frameworks
AngularJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap
Database (and similar)
MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Elasticsearch
Linux System Administration, Cisco Device Administration (CCNA-level)
AWS (EC2, S3, Lambda, ElastiCache, Elasticsearch Cloud, SNS, CodeDeploy, CloudWatch, RDS), Jenkins, Ansible, CloudFlare, DataDog, Slack automations.
Version Control
Git, Subversion
Wordpress, Joomla
My current environment
Home: VSCode on Windows Subsystem for Linux for general coding, Docker containers for testing. Still on Bash + ConEmu.
Work: MacBook Pro, VScode for general editing, IntelliJ IDE for development/debugging, Docker containers for testing, running. iTerm + ohMyZsh.

Volunteer work

May 2015

Interpreter and Technical Volunteer

One Asia Youth Conference, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2006 - present

Editor/Contributor and Administrator

Mongolian-language Wikipedia, creation of articles for Mongolian Wikipedia

Hobbies & Interests

Photography, particularly landscape and travel photography, is a big hobby. A few pieces have even been featured in some Mongolian government sites and books.

So far have lived in 4 countries (for more than a year at a time) and visited 17 more (and counting!)

Lived in


On the horizon

References (on request)

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Director, Sales
Property Shell
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Nathan Bailey
Director & Lead Developer
Simplify Solutions
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Vignesh Maruthapillai
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